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A successful web design is all about the right process.

Web Design ServicesA responsive website design that looks great in any device is a necessity in today’s mobile environment. From your site’s user interface design and architecture, to layout and navigation – we have the know-how to build you a unique, engaging and responsive web presence.

At SwordsNet Designs, we know that communication is critical in the web development process. Getting clear direction and understanding your web needs means asking the right questions from the start.

Below we have outlined our 6-step web development process, as well as some key questions that will help guide you along the way.


6-Step Website Development Process

1. Overview/Requirements

Let’s find out about your initial web needs.

Who is your target audience? What are your goals for your website? How do you want to be perceived? What type of information do you wish to provide to your customers? Are there some website examples you could point out that really speak to you?


2. Planning

This is where we figure out the layout of your website and how the information will be presented.

What will the site architecture/navigation look like? How many pages do you need? Do you want a WordPress website that will allow you to easily update your web content on your own?


3. Design

At this point, we will come up with a prototype for your website’s user interface design.

How do you want your site to look? What emotions do you wish to invoke? Are there certain colors or design elements you would like to include?


4. Development

This is where your design concept gets created and coded. We will keep you in the loop on how we are progressing and check in with you along the way to make sure we are on track.

What functionality does your website need to have? Will customers be likely to view your site on a mobile device?


5. Testing

Here is where you get to view your new website for the first time and make sure everything is functioning as it should.

Is your site easy to navigate? Do all the links work? Most important, does your site accomplish what you set out to accomplish?


6. Delivery / Implementation

A final product is completed and delivered to you. We can help launch your new website or deliver the files directly to you for implementation.

Do you need to redirect any old URLs? Have you submitted your site to the search engines? What is the best way to let existing customers know about your new website?


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