Responsive Web Design

Steps to Creating WordPress Site

How to Set Up a WordPress Website in 7 Easy Steps

You’ve done your homework and you know the advantages of building your site on WordPress. You’ve even carved out some time to tackle your website development on your own. But how and where do you start? What steps need to be taken and in what order? Do a search on how to set up a WordPress site and you’ll find [...] Read more
Essential homepage elements

9 Essential Elements Every Homepage Should Have

Do you have all the essential elements on your homepage? Every good website starts with a plan. While there are many aspects to consider during this process, one of the first orders of business should be mapping out your homepage. It’s so easy to get caught up with the bells and whistles that you want to have on your site, that […]

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Free vs. Self-Hosted WordPress vs. (Self-Hosted Sites): What You Need to Know

WordPress is becoming widely popular these days as the choice for building websites, and chances are you are somewhat familiar with it. Many businesses – including big names like Time Magazine, Sony Music and The New York Times Company – have built their entire sites using the WordPress platform. There are thousands of features that are available through easy-to-install plugins, which […]

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The Best Small Business WordPress Themes

5 Best Small Business WordPress Themes

Let’s face it – as an entrepreneur, your time is precious. You need a professional looking website for your business, and you understand the value of creating a site with WordPress. But who has the time to search through hundreds of themes in order to choose the perfect one to represent your brand image? While there are loads of great WordPress themes out […]

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Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design and Why Do I Need It?

The trends in web design are constantly evolving to keep up with today’s business and technology needs. However, keeping up with the changes can be challenging, especially when coupled with the demands of your business. Currently the most important trend in design is “Responsive Web Design” or “RWD”. But what is RWD and what can it do for your unique […]

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